Our Services

ECIMA INVESTMENT offers a range of professional services to its clients. We invite you to browse this section which explains the components of our service offer.

Financial Intermediation

 ECIMA INVESTMENT facilitates the relationship between project owners and funds sellers in order to ensure the best development of your business. Our financial agents are involved in the negotiation process. We help our clients make foreign investments in strategic sectors for their companies and help them assess the costs of entering a market. Our financial intermediation services allow us to make many economies of scale.

Consultation & lobbying

ECIMA INVESTMENT  offers consulting and lobbying services. We master lobbying techniques to provide strategic support and advice to our clients for the development of their business. We help our clients make better financial, strategic and business decisions and better assess the benefits, risks and costs of their projects.

Financing Activities & Fundraising

ECIMA INVESTMENT  organizes fundraising and fundraising activities for their clients. We help you to develop a community that will support you in your project and various communication tools. Our fundraising efforts are successful, simple and effective. Thanks to our expertise and strategies, your fundraising will be a success!
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